Check: How to change a stereo signal into a mono signal


I recorded some sounds with a dummy head for spatial sounds in stereo. Now for experimental reasons I want to change it to mono and that it sounds exactly like it was recorded by simply a microphone. This is what i do:

  1. Split the stereo signal
  2. Put them both on mono
  3. lower both signals by -3dB
  4. I cannot put them together but i can play them and export them. So in the end it does work but it is a bit unpractical

Does 1-3 really work sufficient?
How to achieve 4?


Steps 1-3 are perfect as long as you remember to pan both mono tracks to the center.

To do step 4, highlight both tracks and click Project → Quick Mix (or Tracks → Mix and Render in 1.3.3). That will mix both tracks down to a single mono track that you can then export or edit however you please.

Just curious, what kind of experiment are you trying to run? I know a bit about psychoacoustics and I find it a pretty fascinating subject.

Alatham? How can I pan both mono tracks to the center?

My email is I can send you the proposal I have handed in.

Thanks again.

Both tracks will be panned center by default. But just in case, to the left of each track there are two sliders and two buttons (labeled solo and mute). If some of these controls appear to be missing, you can drag the bottom of the track downward to make it display larger, thus allowing access to all controls. The second slider is the pan control, it should be in the center.