check for S's and plosives

Can you listen to this sample and see if what you hear regarding sibilance and plosives please? I am not hearing anything that I would be concerned about but the client has asked for a re record and this is it…I used Equalization, RMS and Limiter (-5) and the de’esser plug in.

Thanks for your help.
Test for S and plosives.aup (8.72 KB)

“.aup” files don’t contain audio.
Need to attach short WAV instead, see …

Ooopps- file attached now.

Is your client ACX? Or one of them?

I hear sound distortion, but it’s not SSing or P-Popping. I hear slightly honky sounds like you’re presenting into a milk jug or large wine glass. Did you use Noise Reduction? Aggressive noise reduction can sound like that. Very few home readers easily pass noise.

Are you announcing in a really tiny room with no or poor soundproofing?

If you submit to ACX with multiple problems, they will typically complain about the first or most obvious one and stop testing. It’s not their job to analyze your studio.

We can tell you exactly what’s wrong if you have hardware problems such as volume, overload or noise, but If you fail Human Quality Control (voice quality, pronouncing errors) it’s a lot more of an opinion.

That’s my opinion.


If you’re tired of being rained on, I can tell you the basic announcing should work OK without the sound errors. In other words, if you walked into a sound studio and did that, you should be able to walk out with a good track.

The microphone makers all assure us we can take their microphone home and crank out an audiobook on the kitchen table.

Maybe not.


Not coming from ACX- but a publisher that I have thru ACX…I never have problems with ACX unless I do something dumb (like send file at 48K and not 44.1)……I truly didn’t hear anything in the original that I would think was bad, but figured since it was just a chapter I would redo and send to them to see if they like it.

Thanks for the input, I will be back if they don’t like it.


something dumb (like send file at 48K and not 44.1)

They’re sticky about that because they convert your work to other formats and they have to have predictable results.

Post back with their comments. We have no formal relationship with them and depend on user postings and published specifications.