cheap philips mike straight in

think its quarter inch to 3.3mm adapter. Then on equalization add a lil more bass on guitar track, a lil treble on the cheap mike for vocals. i think it works as good as i can play. why does no one else go straight in witj an adapter.

Some people do, or they use computer microphones that plug straight in without an adaptor, but on many PCs the microphone inputs are rubbish quality (lots of hiss). You may be lucky and have a computer where the mic input is not too bad.

There’s also a danger with using adaptors into the mic socket that one slight tug on the mic lead could rip the socket off the circuit board causing potentially expensive damage. If you wish to use a converter with your microphone I’d recommend that you use a cable with a 1/4" socket on one end and a 3.5 mm plug on the other so that you don’t have a big adaptor sticking out of the machine.