Channel identification

When importing AC3, I get 6 individual channels. Without being able to listen to surround on my computer, how can I identify which channel is which?
I assume channel 1 is L, 2 is R, 3 is Center, 4 is LF, 5 is LS, 6 is Rs.

Is this correct?

Dolby_5.1 defines 6 audio channels from 20Hz to 20kHz with no predefined channel order. In other words, it’s not defined which channel must be used for which speaker. A very common channel order (if all six channels are used) is:

1 = left front
2 = center (dialog channel)
3 = right front
4 = left surround
5 = right surround
6 = LFE (low-frequency “boom” channel)

But the only person who can tell this for sure this is the the one who has produced the AC3 file.