Channel echo after converting to MP3

First off I’m an Audacity newbie hack, so apologies there.

We’ve been recording a podcast and using version 2.0.3 and saving as an MP3 to post on iTunes. We have two XLR mikes feeding an PreSonus Audiobox USB into my laptop, recording directly to Audacity.

When recording and editing it sounds great. After I save and export the file as MP3 when you listen to it, the voices are split. So my voice is in the left ear and co-host is in the right ear. It plays hell on your brain trying to process it!

I’ve checked the settings and all seems to be fine and like I said, when listening during editing it’s fine. Any ideas?

Did you want it to be mono? If so, Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono. This gives you higher MP3 quality for the same bit rate.

If you want some stereo separation, perhaps you should make the tracks mono after recording, using the Track Drop-Down Menu then pan the upper track only slightly to left and the lower track only slightly to right? That was the only way I could “fix” the file you submitted as I would like to hear it.

Also there is heavy whistle in the right voice which you should use Effect > Noise Removal on (in my opinion).

But I don’t know why it sounds different when exported. If you still have the project, you could attach an image of it. Please see here for how to attach files: .