Channel dropouts while recording [SOLVED]

WIndows version: 8.1
Audacity version: 2.1.0
Obtained .exe installer

Good morning,

I have been having issues recently with certain channels or sounds becoming very muted while playing and/or recording vinyl records using Audacity. I am using an Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable. Audacity settings are Audio Host MME; recording device microphone USB Codec; recording channels stereo; and playback device speakers. Recording level is set at 0.65 and playback volume is set at 1.00 and I have tried adjusting those during playback with no change…

Much of my collection I am playing/converting is electronic/techno with some heavy bass so I wonder if some setting in Audacity needs to be adjusted to prevent other sound elements from muffling/dropping out. I have also tried my records on another turntable connected to my home stereo system without the same issue so I know it is not the media I am playing. I have also wondered whether my turntable stylus needs replacing.

Any help would be appreciated and if I have not provided some information please ask!


If you see the blue waves strongly in both channels but you don’t hear what you are expecting, make sure the USB turntable is set to stereo in Windows:


Gale, that fixed the problem. Thank you so much, I very much appreciate your assistance.