Channel Balance

Windows 10 and audacity 2.0.5 via installer exe.
For whatever reason (myfault) the stereo project I have captured has the balance between the two channels wrong so when played back needs the balance altered. I really want to save the project again without recapturing the material but with the balance corrected. Similar to the facility where the project can be amplified but this time to one channel only and leaving the other as it is.

Go to the Track Control Panel of your tack (the box to the left of the the waveform) and click on the little black downward pointing triangle).

This will give you a dropdown menu, choose “Split Stero track”

This will separate the two channels enabling you to edit either of the independently.

When finished go to the top track and click on the black triangle and choose “Make Stereo Track” - this will combine the two channel tracks back into a single stereo track.