Changing Zoom Normal setting?

Is it possible to change the setting for “Zoom Normal”?

Which “setting” are you referring to? The default keyboard shortcut?
What are you trying to do?

No but you can customize the settings for the Zoom Toggle in the Edit Toolbar



Thanks. The toggle isn’t really what I’m looking for; here’s why. I volunteer for a Canadian organization that provides audiobooks for people with print disabilities. Normally we record in a well-equipped studio, but right now we have to do it at home because of the pandemic. Audacity has been a lifeline for us.

For copyright reasons, we have to check our recordings for the slightest misreading errors, in addition to which we need to remove other extraneous stuff – bumps, bangs, and so on. Audacity makes it very easy both to re-record bad sections and remove bumps and bangs in quiet sections. This means that we spend a lot of time selecting a short length of waveform, zooming in to it, finding the extraneous noise, and removing it. The final step is returning to the default zoom to continue the checking process. But I’ve found that the ideal zoom level for working with the audio track is one zoom level out from the default; it’s more suited to the length of track that typically needs selecting for re-recording (it must be at least one full sentence), but it’s still uncompressed enough to make it easy to identify gaps between sentences (which are the critical edit points). So it would be nice to be able to return to that zoom level in one keystroke to be able to carry on with the checking.

It’s not a show-stopper; it’s entirely possible to work with the current default. It’s just that it would be a nice-to-have to be able to change the default zoom.

You could create a Macro like this:

zoom macro.png
an then create a shortcut like this:

More info about Macros:
More info about keyboard shortcuts:

Thanks, Steve. I’ll give it a try.

As Steve says - and you can even overwrite the existing Audacity Ctrl+2 shortcut with the shortcut to the Macro making it your customized Zoom “normal”

Cute suggestion Steve BTW :sunglasses:


And it works brilliantly! Many thanks, Steve; I wish I’d taken the trouble to discover macros myself.