Changing voice (not just pitch)

Hi all.

My voice is a bit high pitched and I wanted to record a decent narration for a presentation. I was thinking changing my voice to mimic that of someone like James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman. I am totally lost as to how.

Changing the pitch gives my voice a very unnatural feel. And also, their voices seem to “shake” or “reverberate” or whatever you call it. It’s not smooth like the most of voices. Rather raspy sound to them.

I would really appreciate help and tips on home to make a deeper more natural sounding voice. Can provide audio sample of my own voice if needs be.

The most you can get away with is about a -10% pitch change before it sounds weird,
then you could apply Bassboost at 200Hz …

That actually sounds quite good.

But what about that raspy voice effect?

Do you mean the Lich-ish 3 2 1 0 sample ? , that was slowed and pitch shifted by about -20% and has chorus and reverb.

If you want to change your voice these links may be of use …

But in my experience the voices these programmes produce are not realistic and only have novelty value,
maybe ok for a short skit or commercial but too annoying for a long presentation.

No, I was actually talking about the effect after the settings you recommended. Although Lich King effect is pretty neat too. Wouldn’t have to be so deep though. I’d say that I’d be happy with the original voice in that sample. My voice is a bit more high pitched than that.

It’s rough to do. This has come up before.

You’re right. You can’t change everything.