Changing vocal tempo in songs

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask a question. Just to let you know I’m new to here and audacity. Here’s my question: What features would I use to slow down or slightly speed up the tempo a song without the vocals sounding like chipmunks or someone with slow distorted speech. I want the vocals to sound likethe studio version, but just a tad slower or faster. Itried doing this on my own, but was unsuccessful. Thanks for any help.

<<<Itried doing this on my own, but was unsuccessful.>>>

How unsuccessful were you? The tools in 1.3 work pretty well. I think it’s tempo and you get to pick a difference or a percent or something, it’s been a while.

Select some audio. Effect > Change Tempo. You do have to select some audio–or the whole song if that’s what you want–because Audacity won’t do anything without that step.

You may notice as I did that even though you pick the right tools and the pitch doesn’t go up, you do not get a smooth performance as you would have gotten had the singer simply speeded up. I haven’t gone down all the pathways yet, but my result was very odd and sounded like parts of the song were speeded up different from the others and it all happened between beats making it really hard to figure out what happened.

But it wasn’t musical at all. I gotta go back and look some more.