Changing Usernames?

Dear Audacity Administration,

Please give users the right to change their username, the reason for this is, if someone doesn’t like their current name they can change it to something new.

Thanks, Ray

What do you want to change your user name to? As long as it’s legal and decent, we’ll change it for you.


I want mine to be changed to ‘Ray Hughes’

Hello? Are you there?

We are all volunteers and we all have other Audacity responsibilities than the Forum. I changed your name.

Let’s have a bet. How long would it take Adobe customer service to respond to your requests? You had your name changed in 16 hours.


Probably about 24 hours because of their responsibilities.

ROFLMAO - I don’t think so somehow , just try it …

And I note it’s taken you a week to respond to (and snark at) Gale - busy are you ??? !!!

By the way we actually welcome folk who want to volunteer to help rather than snipe from the sidelines

Very busy indeed!

?If you provide the option for a user to change their username then it is really good, they can change their name to their wish. If one is an active participant then definitely one will get bored with seeing the same name. OR else please include the option to send the request for changing the username in your sites.

So do you want to change your name after one post?

We don’t allow users to change their own username because that makes it easier for spammers to avoid detection.


No thanks, I want to continue with my same username… :slight_smile: