Changing the tempo without changing the pitch.

J 'm Dustin. I downloaded Audacity 2.0.3 for Windows 7 this week. I downloaded it to record an instrumental version of any song, and slow it down note by note l, and learn it. Is it possible to do this without changing the pitch? Thanks.

I ment Hi. The reason why I’m learning music this way is that I’m visually impaired. I don’t know print music. I learned Braille music in high school, but lost it since then, plus, it’s not available.

In the effect menu there is an effect called “Change Tempo”.
The sound quality of this effect is not great, but probably good enough for learning a song.

Some things that you may find useful:
There are a number of resources specifically for blind Audacity users:
Also, there is an active community of blind Audacity users that communicate and support each other via this e-mail list: