Changing the speed of a wav sound

Hi, sorry if this is a noobish question - I’m fairly new to Audacity and sound editing in general!

I have a 48000 Hz wav sound but I need it to be 22050 Hz. How can I change it so it still sounds the same at 22050 as it does at 48000, if it’s even possible?
I’m using v1.2.6 on Windows XP.

Change the project rate to 22050 Hz before you Export the WAV file.

How would I do that? And even if I did do that, wouldn’t it just play at half speed? I want it to sound the same to the ear.

There’s a little box labelled “Project Rate” which by default is in the lower left corner of Audacity.
If you change the project rate there, your files will still play at the same speed, and when Exported will be at that selected sample rate. Try it with a small file to see how it works.

Got it. That’s great, thank you!