Changing the length of silence

I need a chain for batch processing, that changes the length of the initial silence of a file to 500 ms, and the final silence to 1000.

Is it possible, and how?

Sorry, the Silence generator does not appear to be supported in Chains.

– Bill

How long is the initial/final silence? Are you needing to add silence, or reduce the amount of silence?

Wouldn’t truncate silence do that while setting min and max at a 500ms for the initial part and 1000ms for the ending part?

The software that I use currently, trims off the initial silence and the final silence, and just THEN, adds the 500ms/1000ms of silence.

I don’t think it would, because the original silence can be shorter.

That is not yet available for use in Chains.
The code to make it available has been written but has not yet come through to any release version of Audacity, so hopefully it will be available in a new version soon.