Changing tempo on multiple files at once

Version 2.0.3

Is it possible to change the tempo on multiple files at once, or even a whole folder of them? I download many podcasts, and it would be nice to be able to compress them all a bit before transferring them to my player.


Yes you can do this as a batch process using a Chain ( ).

Or import the files into the one window (you can drag them in) then CTRL + A to select them all then run Effect > Change Tempo. Then File > Export Multiple.


Thanks! That was exactly what I wanted. You’re the best!

What do you mean by compressing them? Do you want to save disk space or do you want them to play faster?
The former can be achieved by resampling it to a lower sample rate. For the latter, you can also use the “Truncate Silence” effect, if the podcast has overlong pauses.

I went with what chakolate asked, though I wasn’t quite sure if the tempo change was desired or not.

If tempo change is desired, truncate silence won’t decrease the time taken for the words to be spoken, but you could truncate silence as well.


It was in fact only meant as anadditional shortener.
A pod cast may not profit very much from it. But it is best suited for recordings of the class room discussion, church services and so on–everything that isn’t post-edited.

Thanks very much to both of you. I did mean just to speed it up, since a 25% increase in speed is still very listenable. I was just tired of doing each one individually. I’ll keep the ‘truncate silence’ effect in mind, though. Thanks!

Visual impaired people do this all the time.
That’s the speed of my TTS:

Although the speed is at 100 %, it is still comparably slower than other (more artificial) voices.
But I do not need Stephen Hawking speaking to me all the time. :slight_smile: