changing target hdd

Hi - I’m new to audacity - Having only a small capacity ssd as my ‘C’ drive, I would like to save my Audacity projects on my ‘D’ drive, but can’t find a way of doing this - can anybody help please?

Note that working on external drives, especially network drives, is not recommended because working with audio requires moving a lot of data around, and external drives will frequently struggle to keep up with the demand.

Assuming that your D drive is an internal drive:

  1. Launch Audacity

  2. File menu > Save Project As…
    Save the new empty project to your D drive.

  3. Start work on the project.

Audacity will use the project data folder (saved on your D drive) to store temporary data. When you save the project at the end of the job, unnecessary temp files (including all “undo history”) are automatically deleted to leave only the necessary data for the saved project.

Lots more important information about managing projects here: