Changing speed and pitch creates a whirring sound

So i ended up somehow with three voiceover files that the speed was slowed down on, so the pitch makes me sound like darth vader. they are supposed to be 17 minutes and they ended up 25 minutes.

Using some experimenting, I was able to figure out I was 6 semitones off, however now the recording sounds like the micro machines man and like I am talking through a running box fan. i used every pitch/speed changing method I could under pitch and tempo in audacity except for paulstretch.

I took it into another software to correct the 6 semitone imbalance, and in that software it sounds like a feedback echo is on the track.

Is there a way to get my recording to normal so I dont have to do 4 additional hours of work recording it all again?

thank you.

So you don’t check each performance before going on to the next one? Or you did check and they were fine?

I think I’d spend some quality time finding out if your Audacity and Computer are working. Record some short test tracks and play them back.

You can get problems like this if the microphone or mic system is running at a different sample rate than Audacity. Or, there’s an app or setting in the middle (much more likely) affecting the sound quality.


i usually check the timeline as i go along… every minute or so. but when i export, i dont end up listening back to the track because i was checking and listening all the way along.

And I know my rig is fine… ive been using the same setup for about 13 years and record about 7 to 10 hours a day.

There is a Good Practice where you spot check the finished product here and there before the performer gets in the car and goes home. You don’t have to listen to the whole thing. In billions of years of production, I think I’ve had exactly one performance that was broken near the end and nowhere else.

We learn not to automatically restrict the search when we don’t know what broke.

Audacity isn’t in the habit of damaging performances on healthy machines.

It doesn’t have to be broken. It’s super common for other sound applications to be waiting to ambush your performance without you knowing about it. The microphone thinks it should be at 44100 and Audacity thinks the performance is 48000, video rate. Recording fast will play back slow. Does that ring a bell?

Oh, and to specifically answer you, no, I don’t think a speed change is going to do any good. Either extreme high or extreme low tones are lost during a speed error and they don’t come back. Other forum elves may post.

How did your ten second sound check go?


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