changing sample rate, keeping same sound

Hi i know how to change the sample rate.
but when i do the sound speeds up of course.
its 16000 but needs to be 44100
any advice would be great
I’ve posted the file. Its for the poweron wav for my moms phone.

Thanks steve

Import into Audacity.
Change the “Project Rate” to 44100 (lower left corner of the main Audacity window)
Export a new file (File menu > Export)

it will still sound the same? not faster?


ok still not working, still plays a little fast.
besides being stereo i cant see any difference between the files.

the metropcs file works fine. the renamed power on file i guess needs to be stereo.
how do i do that?
do you see any other difference in them


lol ok i got it sterio
now ill test it again

ok thanks that fixed it