Changing reverb choice: does it layer reverbs or cancel pre

I am using Audacity 2.1.2 on Windows 7, recording with a simple DMX Fire Wire.

In looking over my work for the last few weeks, I regret some of the reverb choices that I made on my vocals. If I apply a new reverb factory setting such as Bright Room, does it cancel out the previous reverb effect or does it layer over the former reverb effect? I can’t really hear the difference, but was just wondering how this was handled.

Thank you for your help.

Missisippi Acoustics

I regret some of the reverb choices that I made on my vocals.

That’s why it’s good to File > Export a “clean” WAV (Microsoft) of the original work.

Do Not use MP3 for production—ever.

If you exported a sound file of your corrections, the effects are burned into the show. There are no ways to remove effects and filters from a mixed show or sound file. That’s one of the reasons we want people to submit raw performances when they want us to evaluate or actually provide corrections of our own.

If you find you made a bad choice during the edit, then Edit > UNDO is the way to go. Audacity will step back through all the actions you took. You can’t skip steps. Sorry.

Save an Audacity Project and you can get all the layers, segments, waves and tracks back any time you want them, but Projects do not save UNDO. Once you close Audacity, that’s the end of the world.