Changing playthrough?

Can I change the time it takes before i hear my recording in playthrough?

If you’re referring to Audacity’s “Software Playthrough” option, there isn’t much you can do about the delay as there are multiple layers of software and buffering that the audio has to go through.

The purpose of Audacity’s Software Playthrough is so that people recording from USB turntables and the like can hear what they are recording. In this context, a bit of delay doesn’t matter. On the other hand, for live recording, “low latency” (very little delay) is very important, and in this case “Software Playthrough” is unsuitable.

The best solution for live recording is to use hardware that supports “zero latency”. Most (but not all) USB audio interfaces have this feature. For zero latency, you plug your headphones into the interface, and the interface routes the input, through to the headphones, mixed with any audio that is being sent to the interface via the USB connection.

Thanks now I know it’s the USB hardware that is causing the long delay.

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