Changing pitch of voice on Audacity (Windows 8.1)


First time user of Audacity.

I want to know if there are any video clips which help with showing how to transfer a MP4 clip and changing pitch of voices of person being interviewed. Operating system Windows 8.1


Your best source of help is either here or in the Audacity manual. There are no official videos so what you find may be out-of-date or otherwise wrong.

In order to open or save M4A you’ll need to install the optional [u]FFmpeg import/export library[/u]. (Note that this link is for the 64-bit version which works with the current 64-bit version of Audacity.)

There is a [u]Change Pitch Effect[/u], but in an interview there may be places where there is more than one voice at a time and that might be a problem if you don’t want both voices changed (unless they are already separated with one person on the left and another on the right.)