Changing Language [SOLVED]

I just installed Audacity 2.0.5 for Windows. I wanted the program to run and “look” in English which is my native language. But, because I live in Finland it “helpfully” decided I wanted everything in Finnish. I don’t want it in Finnish! How do I get the command prompts and toggles in English? Sorry for asking such a stupid question, but At 60 + I’m doing my best to function and stay current. Thank you.

This FAQ in the manual should help you:


Ah, thank you, but that doesn’t help too much because I don’t recongnize which Finnish words correspond to the English words in the manual, so could you direct me to which drop down list (starting from the LEFT) (first, second, third… drop down list) and then which item on the list (starting from the top) will get me where I want to go.

Please see here: Audacity Manual

Thank you Steve