Changing Installation Language


I am using a Korean version of Windows 7. In the past I could download and install Audacity and all the menus were in English (if I selected English as the installation language).

I recently installed Audacity 2.03 and again selected English as the version I want, but instead most of the menus are in Korean, which is definitely what I don’t want, since the translations are confusing, to say the least.

How can I have the entire program converted to English, as could be done in the past? I thought if you select English at the beginning of installation, everything will be in English.


Never mind. I found the answer. Preferences / Interface / not System (change to English).

Note: when I installed Audacity, I selected English. But it switched to System (Korean, in my case). Not good. Kind of a bug.

Moved to the correct Windows board.

This is covered in this FAQ: .

You could never select Audacity language in the installer.

In Audacity 1.2 you could select language on first run of Audacity. We will not go back to that because users were complaining every day that they chose a language they could not read - they could not cope with a choice of so many languages. That is why in 2.x the Audacity language is determined by the language the Region and Language “Format” option is set to. You chose to set it to Korean, so you got Korean in Audacity.

We might in future implement being able to choose English language for Audacity in the Windows installer (but not choosing any of 50 different languages).