Changing homepage URL

Hi, I just noticed that editing the homepage and signature has been disabled due to spammers in this forum. But I can still see them on my reply I once posted, so would it be possible to edit this by a staff member perhaps? My current homepage is, and the embedded image in my signature could simply be deleted, as it was hosted on the outdated server anyhow.

I think the best I can do is to remove the out of date website and profile.
The forum software does not provide control over individual profile fields, and it looks like the options for editing the old profile fields via the User Control Panel have been permanently deleted from the forum template. I have been able to delete the outdated information via the admin tools. All other aspects of your account should be working as before, but do let us know if you experience any problems. (It would be nice if we could enable these features for all registered users, but unfortunately the amount of spam we were having to deal with was taking away from the time available to help genuine users, and of course that must take priority).

OK, thanks nevertheless for explaining. It looks like everything else works as it should. Summer Time has to be enabled manually when it’s actually in effect, it seems, so it doesn’t switch automatically.