changing from rate of an aoudio track.

ok here is the thing.

i have this lived proformance filmed on a video.

and an aoudio from the show recorded
with an aoudio rcorder.
whem i tried to sync them both.
the aoudio file started to drift and went out of sync.

i belive its cused to a FPS difrences.
i have hard its possible to use audacity to change frame rates.
but im having a hard time on how to do it.
is any can help?

im using WINDOWS 7 64 BITS

and audacity V.203

the aoudio recorder used.
for the cupturing the sound.
TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder

thanks for the help…

Audio does not use frames, or at least not in the video frame sense. When two devices that are not synchronised in some way it would be highly unusual for the two recordings to remain in sync. Professional (expensive) recording equipment have the ability to physically connect multiple recording devices so that they share one common clock signal and so remain synchronised - consumer level equipment (and even a lot of semi-pro equipment) does not have this ability, so this is a common problem when using multiple recording devices. Unfortunately there is no perfect solution.

If the two recordings drift out of sync at a constant rate, then the “Change Speed” effect (Effect menu) can be used to resynchronise the recordings. What you need to do is to accurately measure the time difference and from that calculate how much the speed needs to change. There’s an example of how to calculate the setting here: This can be tricky, so please shout if you need more help.