Changing from 2.1.2 to 2.4.2


I have Windows 10 and I am going to make my first really professional job, reading a audiobook. I am afraid that version 2.4.2 could be so diferent from 2.1.2 that takes me a lot of time to learn the differences. Could you please tell me which te changes from one version to the other are? Thank you very much in advance.


The look and feel is very much the same, the basic user interface has remained unchanged for a long time now.

It’s just that a few new features have been added and a lot of bugs have been fixed.


Ok, Peter, thank you! And will I be able to open old version audacity files in the new one?

Yes, that should work.

Projects made in any older versions will generally open correctly in any newer version of Audacity. This does not always work the other way round - projects made in newer versions may have features that were not available (so unsupported) by older versions of Audacity.