changing code and re-building?

Do I have to Rebuild Audacity every time I make some changes in even a single file. Because its taking too much time. If this is the only way then which type out of ‘Release, debug, unicode release, unicode debug’ should I use to rebuild audacity?

It depends what changes you make.
Many minor changes will not affect the build configuration, so it may be OK to miss out the ./configure stage and that will speed up the build time considerably.
Major changes may require a complete, ‘clean’ rebuild where it is necessary to either remove the existing configuration data using;
make distclean
or running
make dep in addition to the usual ./configure make

For minor changes you could try just running make (without running ./configure) and if it does not work as expected (or entirely fails to build) then go for a full clean build.

Unless you are bug testing there is little point in going for a debug build.
On platforms that support Unicode you do not have to specify Unicode as that is the default.

If this procedure sounds nothing like what you’re doing, then I guess you’re not building on Linux (which is the only platform that I have built Audacity on).

I think dyadav is using VC++ 2008 Express…

Yes, rebuild every time; you do not need to “Clean” build each time but if things get really messed up it sometimes helps to do so. If it is rebuilding Help and/or Locale every time (and you are not making changes there) you can use Batch Build and turn them off after the first time you build successfully (but if you grab a new SVN HEAD turn them back on once). As for which configuration to build, use one of the Unicode ones–Debug while working and Release for a final “production use” build.

Thanks Steve and Edgar.
You are right Edgar I am using VC++ 2008 on windows 7 64 bit