Changing bit rate to 44.1 Hz to use on Second Life

I am pulling out my hair! I am near tears :cry: ! I’m trying to figure out how to I change my wav files from 11025Hz to the 44.1 Hz Second Life requires. I keep trying to change it, but when I do I end up with a chipmunks version of the original.


Use the “Project Rate” box.
By default this is in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window in the “Selection Toolbar”

When you Export from Audacity, your recording sample rate will be converted (magically?) to the project rate.

OMG! Thank you soOOoo much! I can NOT believe how simple that is! GACK! to think how hard I was making it! I also exported the 44.1 file to the desktop instead of back in the folder

I shall now go broke on sl from uploading sound files :laughing: