Changing Audacity background colour?

Hello! I use version 2.0.6 of Audacity and was wondering if there was a way of altering the waveform colours and/or the black splash colour?
It seems like a petty thing to ask but it would be great to know if its possible. Thank you! :slight_smile:

We had some basic theming a while back - but it got abandoned. The requisite code is still in the code base IIRC and can be activated of you compile Audacity yourself.

But one of the senior developers is working on a pet project which will offer many customization opportunities - don’t know likely timescales, but he is working on it. We saw the prototype at the Audacity Unconference in Preston UK earlier this year - and it looked good.


If you can find a theme online such as at or possibly on this Forum, you can enable the theme in the audacity.cfg settings file and it will work without the need to compile Audacity. See the Jesus College URL for how to do that.