Changes not exporting

Using v2.3.2

I have an mp3 of a crash sound effect. I open it up in Audacity, trim the beginning, and cut the volume in half (the trimming is quite obvious, so I can definitely see if it’s been applied or not). I then export the mp3 as a new file, and when I open that new file up, none of the changes I made have applied to the new file, it’s the exact same as the old one.

I’ve seen some other posts on this topic, and I read them, and the one had something helpful, so I tried it, but I’m still having the issue. They said I shouldn’t delete the old file, or overwrite, so I tried exporting as a new file, and it still didn’t have the changes. I “was” overwriting it, but now I’m not, and I’m creating an entirely new file, so it shouldn’t be causing this issue.

This is really weird, because I’ve had no issues with editing sound files up to this point. I’ve done this exact same process multiple times, with Audacity, and never had this issue. So, how do I actually edit sound files?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

strange behavior, test this:

How do you “trim” the old file? I gues you doing it by moving the track to the left? That does not work…
Try to mark the part you want to remove and then press DELETE-Key

How do you adjust Volume? I guess you do it with any volume slider? That does not work.
Try to mark the whole track and go MENU - EFFECT - AMPLIFY
now enter “-10” at "Ampification.
click OK

Now export the track and save it.

If This will not work try to create a new track:

step by step:
First open the original song file in AUDACITY.
Stop playing the song!
Then mark the part you want so keep
Now press CTRL+C
Now click MENU - SELECT - NONE
Now press CTRL+V
You now have two tracks
close the old and keep only the selected part
Continue with volume manipulation

does this work?