Changes its settings on its own during recording...

Hi guys, I have been using audacity for a while now as my recording program for commentaries for youtube videos, but recently and I have no clue why it has ended up having a strange glitch, I use Mirillis Action to record gameplay/desktop recording etc

I would open both programs, hit record on audacity (with input recording volume set to around 0.4), then open the game and start recording with Action, and it would all go good and I’d sync it up later, I’d been doing this for months with no issues.

Yet recently for some reason when I click start recording with Action the input recording slider on audacity will suddenly jump on it’s own to 0.9… (whether it’s already recording audio or not it still changes) which then makes my commentary max out too much, then when I stop recording again it goes back to my setting at 0.4… WTH?, it also doesn’t matter which hotkey I change Action to start recording with it still triggers anyway as soon as it starts/stops recording the screen/game.

I can’t find any setting relating to locking the input recording volume in audacity or any other settings to stop this from happening…

Why is audacity doing this auto adjustment?

I did find that if I disable “record system sounds” on Action it no longer causes the audacity slider adjustment when screen recording starts, so it has to be related to a conflict with that somewhere :confused: I just dunno how to fix it, and I need it to stop asap as my recent videos commentary sounds horrible even after I clean it up afterwards…

I am using windows 7 too

Thanks for any help guys

Audacity’s input slider is tied to the Windows input slider for the recording device you are choosing in Audacity. Are you sure in Audacity’s Device Toolbar that you are recording the mic that you intend, and not stereo mix or What U Hear?

Otherwise, if Mirillis Action modifies Windows volume settings for your devices you will need to ask them about it. See if you have the latest version of their app with the latest bug fixes. See if you have changed any other settings in Action that modify the mic input level.

Sometimes bad sound card drivers can cause unwanted interactions between different input devices. Check the drivers for your audio device to make sure you have the latest drivers supplied by the computer manufacturer, motherboard manufacturer or sound device manufacturer (according to whatever device you are using to record). If you need help, please state exactly what sound card you are recording with.


Yeah I always make sure I select my mic in the dropdown list and sound test it before going into the game etc, I use a blue snowball mic.

Well I haven’t updated Action in quite a while so I dunno how anything could of changed on it’s end :confused: likewise with audacity.
But I will contact them to also see ifthey have any ideas why this is going on.

And yeah I will update all my drivers too to see if that may fix the issue, cheers.

As for sound card I looked up how to find my card, and I end up finding two every time lol
x243H-4 (NVIDIA High Def inition Audio)
Realtek digital output (Realtek HD)