changeing mp3 bpm

hello to all !
im very new here and i need help! im import mp3 track and im change the bpm from 120 to 122 .. after that im change the pitch 1.6% + … to get same level with the tempo… after all when im playing the track the beat sound like thay step on eachother some time .. do i need to do something else ? if i record the same track played with the changes from a cdj to the computer its sound very good ! but i don`t want
to work this way…
so please if some one can help …


You need to post this question in the right forum. This is where you talk about the forum colors and tools, not music.

Please go back to here…

…and pick which Audacity you have and Windows or Mac or Linux. They are much better to help you there.

Good luck.