Changed speed not saved [SOLVED]

Hi there,

new here, so I apologies in advance. I have searched the forum but having found nothing I gather it must be me…

Anyway, I have Audacity 2.1.3 on a Mac running 10.11.6.

I have imported into Audacity a track from a CD which I had copied onto my hard drive. I can open the track fine and I can vary the speed fine. However I then stop the track and when I save it going to File/Export Audio I get the original track, i.e. with the old speed.
How can I alter the speed of the track and save it so that I can burn it onto a CD for later use?

Thanks in advance :wink:

I presume that you have been using the Transcription Toolbar to change the speed, but that only changes the speed of playback, it does not alter the actual audio at all. To change the audio you need to apply an effect - in this case the Change Speed effect.

Apologies for the daft question.

All solved now :smiley:

No problem - it’s easy when you know how :wink:
I’ll mark this topic as ‘solved’.