Changed name on AUP file = "Warning Missing Audio Data Block

2.2.1 on Mac OS 10.13

Ok, being new to Audacity, I didn’t know I couldn’t change the file name. Half way through the first edits that I did I changed the name on the AUP file as I was excited by something that was said in an interview I conducted and thought it would be a better name. I went on to make copious edits only to find at the end, when I went to save it as “First Edits” not only did the original AUP file not reopen (first name change), but neither does the “First Edits” file…Fearful I’ve lost all the audio.

"Warning-Missing Audio Data Block File(s) is the prompt and “detected 223 missing audio data (.au)…”

Willing to send a screenshot. Please help. Learning the Audacity ropes. Should have saved as a .wav file first! Am I out of luck? Tried to change all the names back to originals…no go.


Drag and drop the AUP file onto TextEdit. You will see a line near the top that looks something like this:

<project xmlns="" projname="ProjectName_data" version="1.3.0" audacityversion="2.0.0" sel0="3700.0660317460" sel1="3852.0317233560" vpos="0" h="0.0000000000" zoom="0.2767370771" rate="44100.0">

Note what follows “projname=” .

Close the file in TextEdit

Rename the AUP file to be the same as what follows “projname=” but without the _data part.
Rename the _data folder to be exactly what follows “projname=”.

Make sure the AUP file and the _data folder are in the same directory/folder.

– Bill