Changed data folder name

I have apparently committed one of the great Audacity sins: changing the folder name of the data folder. So I have the saved project file, and I have the folder full of the small au files. Any way to get the two back together?

Change the name back.
The folder and file also have to be in the same place or folder to open.


The file is 1Introduction.aup
The folder is 1Introduction_data
Both are in the same folder, but the project file is empty. I have several other files & data folders in the same place that work just fine.

the project file is empty.

So the AUP file is blank? The AUP file will open in any text editor. Be careful not to save anything.

Audacity writes that last. This kind of thing happens when people close their laptops before Audacity is done housekeeping. Is this something you might have done?

This is all I got. Typically, if the auto recovery fails, it doesn’t look good.


Yeah, doesn’t look good. I appreciate the help, though. Thanks.


Presumably you closed and reopened the project with mismatched name of AUP file and _data folder?

So is the AUP file empty or not? If it is not empty, attach it. Please see here for how to attach files:

If it is empty, was this a recording that you never edited? If so, and you still have the non-silenced AU files in the _data folder, you can follow