change to audacity2.x

Hi. I have recorded an L.P. using Audacity 1.3. Would it be any advantage for me to download your latest audacity2.x for burning my recording to c.d? and should I first remove my 1.3 version? Many thanks. R.Windmill

Yes and yes - 2.0.3 has many bugs fixed over the 1.3 Beta releases.


Roy wrote in a PM:

Hi. I am trying to upgrade to Audacity2.0 as you advised in reply to my last post. I have to use the library computer, so I need to download onto my memory stick in order to transfer it to my computer. But the system is trying to download it direct to the computer, which of course is not mine. Can you please help. I have had no difficulties on this in the past. My home computer is Windows X.P Many thanks. R.windmill

Right-click over the download and Save As, browsing to your memory stick. The stick may need to be mapped as a drive letter before you can do that.

If necessary, ask for help from the staff at the library.

Uninstall 1.3.x at home before installing 2.0.3 - see .

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Hi Gale. Thanks for your advice. I have now successfully downloaded Audacity 2.03. But in burning my rcording to disc, I have found that apart from the 1st track, all the following tracks have a false start of about 1second, then a slight gap, then the track is played. The recording plays perfectly well on my computer when I open the saved recording and press “play”. One thing I have noticed is that the label for each track is written about 1second after the start of the track recording. Do you think this is affecting it? Thanks. R.windmill

It is normal to place a point label (not a label that marks a region in the track) at or just before the start of each song. Have you tried these Tutorials ?

CD burners usually add a two second gap between tracks unless you tell them not to.


Hi Gale. I have read the links you posted, but they do not tell me how I can re-label, or move my existing labels to a point just before or on the start point to my tracks. Can you tell me how I can do this? Many thanks. R.Windmill

you can move a label by clicking in the little white circle and dragging it along - BUT be careful not to click on the little white angle things either side, as dragging on them will enlarge the label turning it from a point label to a range label.