Change the way a voice sounds..,

Hello there folks,

I came across two videos, in which the voices were altered. Now I want to emulate this. I reached out to one of the channel authors. But he is some how not willing to point me in the right direction. So now I’m here to ask y’all if you know which type of settings the engineers used to get this effect? Especially the second part that starts at 0:15. I’m referring to a small video that I made, I will include the link in this post.
Link of the video: Incantation Black Flame

Ps. Steve or any other moderator in case this post is not the right category, Could you tell me where I should post these kind of questions.

Simultaneous Pitch-shifted versions e.g. …

(scale 0.5 (sim (pitshift *track* 0.96 1.0)(pitshift *track* 0.92 1.0)(pitshift *track* 0.84 1.0)(pitshift *track* 0.68 1.0)))))

scary voice code in Audcaity Nyquist prompt.png

Thank you very much, I will check it out immediately