Change the Metadata Editor to be more appropriate and more flexible

I’ve been using Audacity for very many years and am so pleased with it that I have in the past donated. (Still on !.3.14 !) However, there is one flaw which I consider significant: the Metadata Editor. Now ‘metadata’ is all about giving credits where they are due. And of all the credits that could be due, surely the single most important is that of the composer of the piece? Without her/him the piece wouldn’t exist. After perusing the fora I find that the metadata table cannot be modified by an end user. There may be many different preferences out there, but mine would be to put the title first followed by credits to Composer/Arranger/Performer(s) - e.g. Orchestra, soloists/Choral group &c. Only after these would I put ‘album title’, dates of recording. Then perhaps Genre … But I could go on.

Surely it can’t be too difficult to make the .xml file a little easier to modify?

Please read this thread: Tags are missing information in other some other

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. As I indicated in my initial post, I had previously perused the fora, including that which you have invited me to read. Sadly it addresses not ont of the issues/questions I raised. I wonder if you would be so kind and re-read what I wrote, and if able respond to those issues. Once again my thanks to you.

Please make an enhancement request here: Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub