Change Tempo Effect Crashes

That’s what happens for me - but only when I have part of the selection in negative time :confused:


This is still an issue for me, occurring randomly when applied to some clips but not others. None of the clips or projects are in negative time. Is there any information I can gather that might help identify the cause?

So a fix for your issue has been applied to the current alpha 3.0.3. You may take a sneak peak at it here to see if it corrects your problem: - For Windows, you will want to download the item: Windows_32bit_9f59879

Note that alpha builds are available for testing purposes only. They likely contain errors/bugs, they are not supported, and should NEVER be used for production work.

Thanks Jademan, in the meantime I’ll work around it.

I had the same issue today. Using Windows 11 and Audacity 3.1.3. The error repeated 3 times. Then another time after a pc restart.

On the fifth time it worked. I had only changed one thing before the fifth attempt.

I had no negative time. My initial track was 11 minutes 51 seconds and some change or milliseconds. I had generated silence onto the end of the 11:51 to get it to an even 12 minutes 0 seconds and 0 milliseconds.

Before the fifth attempt I removed the generated silence from the end of the tracks. I say “tracks” because I had a left mono and right mono rather than one stereo track.

After removing the silence that brought the tracks to an even 12 minutes and getting it back to the original jagged number with milliseconds it worked fine and completed the tempo change. It worked twice in a row even, after that.

This seems very random but I offer it up in case anyone who understands programming well might catch a hint here of why this crash occurs.