Change tempo & burn new cd

:question: I have a music cd which has already been put into my computer. I would like to change the tempo ( not the pitch) and record the slowed-down version on a new cd. I have tried doing this through Winamp ( at the suggestion onf the local PC World) and although I have changed the tempo & listened to a slowed down version, I cannot work out how to record it onto a new CD. Can I do this through audacity? If it’s possible please tell me how in simple language!

You have two options, either use Winamp to do the tempo-shifting and use Audacity to record. Or use Audacity to do everything.

The trade off is that if you use Winamp, your sound quality will suffer a small amount in the conversion process. But if Winamp’s tempo-shift effect is better than Audacity’s then you might not mind so much.

To use Winamp and record with Audacity, you want to set yourself up to record Streaming Audio (see the grey box near the top of this link):

Note that there’s a chance that you simply won’t be able to do this, depending on your sound card drivers.

To use Audacity to do everything, import a track, highlight it, click the grey box to the left of the track, then click Effects → Change Tempo. Set the slider however you want, then click OK. Your track should be slowed down, so you can click File → Export to wav to save that file. Now, remove that track from the project and repeat for each song on the record.

Audacity’s Change Tempo isn’t perfect (though for small changes, I can’t hear any errors), but this method is guaranteed to work regardless of sound card drivers.