change scale of Meter toolbar [SOLVED]

Windows 8 64-bit, Audacity 2.0.5., .exe installer

I cannot remember of find how to extend the scale of the VU meters.

I’ve done this before but I can’t remember how. I want to extend the scale on the input and output scales from the default 60 dB to 90 or 100 dB. Could someone jog my memory.

“Edit > Preferences > Interface”
Change the “Meter/Waveform dB range”

Note that you can also drag the meters out of the main Audacity interface, and stretch the meters to the full width of your screen.

This page in the manual may be useful to you:


Thanks. I always feel so dumb when I can’t find the answer. My problem is often how to formulate the question. In any case, all is well.

I worked with SoundForge for years and am now relearning on Audacity. While I wish there was a way to use some of the mastering tools from SoundForge, otherwise, I find Audacity to actually be superior to SF.