Change pitch repeatedly with macro

I try to make macro, that change pitch of karaoke audio and make multiple karaoke files with different pitch. But it doesn’t work. If i put command “Undo”, after change pitch and export, it does’t undo “change pitch”, it close the file. But if i can’t use undo file, next change pitch command - change pith of changed, not original file. There is my macro. If i put undo after first two command, audacitt does’t undo “change pitch”, he close the file.
I can’t speak English well. Sorry, if it bad.

“Undo” is difficult to use with Macros because there is a contradiction depending on whether we consider a macro to be one command or multiple commands (it is actually one command that contains multiple commands). This leads to unpredictable behavior.

If you want a series of files that are pitch shifted by 1, 2, 3 … semitones, then the simplest solution would be for each step to raise the pitch by 1 semitone (and don’t “undo”).

An alternative approach could be to include an Import command in the macro. After each Export, select all, then delete, then import the file again.

Steve, thanks! I think, I’m going to learn about import, because if I change pitch multiple times, quality of result file would be worst.

Theoretically yes, but when using the “high quality” setting there is actually very little noticeable difference between incremental changes and one big change. Try it, you may find that it is good enough (and it will be quicker than re-importing every time).

Ok. I try to change pitch of same file multiple times.