Change Pitch on 2 different tracks....??


I am trying to change the pitch (with Effects → Change Pitch ) for 2 different tracks. The pitch needs to be different for both tracks.

This is what I do:

I go to track 1, and select the pitch settings.

I go to track 2, and select the pitch settings.

Now the settings on track 1 have the same settings as track 2…!?

How can I change the pitch for both tracks and have them keep their own settings?

Are you OK’ing the pitch change for the first track before selecting the second track? Or are you trying to set different pitch values on the left and right channels of a stereo track? If so, you need to Split the Stereo track, apply the pitch (twice - once to each channel) and then remake the stereo track.

Yes, I’m OKing it in the “Change Pitch” dialog before going to the second track.

No, I’m only trying to have different pitch settings for track 1 and different pitch settings for track 2.

Any ideas?

Ensure that you have only one track selected (highlighted) when you apply the effect. Effects are applied to the highlighted selection.
See here: