change pitch in vocal

I am having a similar problem with the change pitch effect. I have Windows 10 and version 2.2.1. It appears inconsistent, I am able to and then I am not. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern except for the fact that I worked on the program around 11 am yesterday and it was working and then when I went to demo it at 1 pm, it would do anything.


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I am conducting and experiment where I need to present the vowel /a/ at three different pitches to participants. The pitches that will be presented will depend on the participant’s own average speaking pitch.

So, to accomplish this I have recorded my own voice saying the vowel /a/ and copied it twice to get three identical utterances on one track.

Then, I changed the pitch of two of the utterances so the participant will hear the same vowel but with three different pitches.

I saved this track with the three utterances.

Now, here is where it gets a little strange.

What I would like to do is highlight all three utterances and use the Change Pitch to modify the fundamental frequency to match that of the participant’s average speaking pitch. When I do this, I can do this once – or twice, but never a third time. It goes through the processing but t does not actually change the pitch (I am using the high-quality stretching).

So, I am wondering the following:

  • Is there a limited number of times that a given track can have the Change Pitch effect performed on it?
  • Am I messing things up by performing the Change Pitch effect on the entire track where one utterance is the original and the other two utterances have had a Change Pitch effect on them already? In essence, I would be changing pitch once with one utterance and twice with the other two utterances.
  • Is there another way to accomplish this?

Thank you.