Change pitch and speed of a song for export

The original version of I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash was recorded slightly off key. How do I use the envelope tool to return it to the proper pitch before I export? (I know how to use the envelope tool to change volume, but how do I use it to change the pitch of the whole song, and how do I know when the pitch is correct other than by ear?) Lyndell

You can use the Change Speed effect to change speed and pitch together. (The envelope tool is not used for this.)

If you don’t already know how much error there is, you’ll have to do it by ear.

The original version of I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash was recorded slightly off key.

Interesting. Do you know if all of the instruments were mis-tuned, or if there was some sort of speed problem in the recording?

It’s generally better to change speed & pitch together whenever possible, because if you change the only one, more-advanced FFT processing is required and you can get artifacts. When you change the speed of a digital recording, you are not actually changing the playback speed… Basically, the waveform is squeezed or stretched and new samples are interpolated. The end-result is the same as speeding-up or slowing-down a record or tape, except the recording is getting changed instead of the plabyack equipment.

Thanks DVDdoug!
The change speed effect was what I needed. I’m not sure why the pitch is off, but the original recording was done in the late 1950’s, so it’s entirely possible the recording and/or palyback gear was at fault. That seems more likely than all the players being out of tune by the same amount… unless they all tuned their insturments to match Johnny’s guitar tuning. After all, who would be brave enough to tell the man in black that his guitar was out of tune? Anyway, I can get the picth very close to correct with the change speed effect, but it’s never exactly spot on and that drives a perfectionist like me absolutely bonkers!