Change Password

Hello, how do I change the password supplied to me to one that I can remember?


What password are you referring to?
Who “supplied” your password?

Hi Steve, thanks for replying. Password was give to me by Bruno your site. I had not been on bord for sometime and when I tried to come back could not remember my original pasword. It is a series of letters and numbers at 83 yrs things are not as they used to be. I wouold like to have a password that I can remember if that can be done.

Again Thanks for the timely reply!!

  1. Click on your name near the top right corner of the forum page (just below the “Donate” button) and select “User control panel”.

  2. Click on the “Profile” tab.

  3. In the left hand column, select “Edit account settings”.

  4. Complete the form (all fields), then click the “Submit” button.

You have been vey kind and quick with your assistance. Thabk, You Sir