Change of terms between versions.

I have recently received a turntable compatible with audacity for conversions. The book lists the proper settings in the software to use, but it lists menus from an older version. It specifically says to set the real-time sample rate converter to fast sinc interpolation and the high-quality sample rate converter to high-quality sinc interpolation, but these options no longer seem to exist. In their place are arbitrary quality settings (low-best). Which ones should I use?

Many of the TT manufacturers ship old, sometimes very old, versions of Audacity and their documentation of Audacity is similarly out of date (and sometimes actually wrong as was the case with the USB TT that I originally bought).

so, first make sure you have the latest version of Audacity - you can get it from our website:

Then discard the manufacurer’s manual and work from this set of tutorials from the Audacity Manual:

If it is a USB TT then this one will be particularly useful:

And you may find this suggested workflow helpful: