Change of Speed or Tempo ??

I have: Windows 7 64-bit : Audacity 2.0.5

What makes Audacity just change the speed or tempo effect? I don’t understand how to adjust a track back to the way it was recorded. I have uninstalled program and re-installed back to latest version to no avail. Is there a way to set effects to a default setting?

Audacity does not apply effects unless you tell it to.
I presume from your question that the playback speed of your recording is unexpected and wrong. There’s no obvious reason for this, so we’ll need to go back a bit…

Where did the recording come from?
Please describe what you are doing, with what equipment (lots of detail is good). We can’t look over your shoulder so you will need to describe everything so that we have a mental picture.

Well…I’m embarrassed to say…After 3 hours trying to figure this out…I decided while waiting to re-boot.

Appears problem solved.

The only thing I can surmise that happened differently was being on a meeting (GoToMeeting) last night that lost the video and the audio was being sent out on two computers. And I agree with you this should not have had any affect on any other program. But when listening to completed audio later, I did adjust the volume speed for playback to 2x.

I have been going through a tutorial ( for Audacity, but there was not anything that dealt with the speed or tempo. Maybe my speedy fingers found a hot key that activated a change.

I appreciate your rapid response!!


No problem. Glad it’s fixed :wink: