Change of podcast title

My player detects TITLES and not NAMES of podcasts files; so it is the titles that I need to edit to achieve the sequence I want; Google tells me that Audacity can do that. I want to know HOW.

I think you’re looking for an audio metadata editor
e.g. Mp3tag - Wikipedia
[ Despite the name it’s not restricted to MP3 ]

I take it that Google is wrong and Audacity can NOT do it ?
I have used Mp3Tag before, to remove initial codes from titles…

You can edit metadata in Audacity, but it often fails to save that data properly
& you’ll have to re-encode the audio in the process, which will damage the sound quality to some degree.

Whereas a dedicated audio metadata editor will handle that data better, and won’t harm the audio quality.

I worked out how to do it in Mp3TAG - I’m fairly confident my problem has been solved. Thank you.

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