change male voicover to female


i have a (nonprofessional) project where i got a voiceover of a male speaker and want to make him sound female.

i have some problems with it. a sole pitching of the source just doesnt sounds female, in fact it sounds like a male voice witch was pitched to high :slight_smile:

are there any tricks or known practices i dont know? i experimented with pitching and afterwards equalizing (lowering the bass and enhancing the treble) and it was a little bit better, but still if someone else would listen to it he would ask if there was something wrong with my speakers.

overall i’m just not satisfied with the result.

thanks in advance

Pitch Change is rarely effective or believable over more than about three major tones–say C to E. Sometimes less. After that, the relationship between harmonics and overtones kills you.


Or dig in the pre-formed plugins.

You have the same problem as the posters who want to turn a high-school kid into a professional announcer.

“In a world, where the collapse of man has doomed…” and other movie trailers in the same vein. That’s Don LaFontaine, by the way.


If you still have the actor around, you can try a physical method. I did both parts of a male-female performance once by using my normal voice for the man and getting really close and breathy to the microphone for the female. I literally shocked my producer. You need a cardioid microphone to pull this off because you need the proximity effect that they have (change in character as you get closer). I was using an old ribbon mic at the time. Same effect.

I didn’t change my pitch.

I know you don’t have access to the original talent, right? It’s something you got off the internet?


thanks for the advice.

@kozikowski no, its for a course at my univercity.

Google is your friend.

One of the other posters was Googling around while he was trading messages with us and found software plug-ins that would isolate a single human singer in the middle of a stereo show. It doesn’t work very well, but that one job used to be flat impossible.


google… hmm i have tried that, and so far i only found another post in this forum, but it didnt help me since everyone just recommends pitching.

and the plugin you mentioned is not what i need: i have a singe male voice with no other sounds.

also noticed that a got a strange typo in my previous post: univercity with a c. should of course mean university :slight_smile:


I was illustrating the process of finding a solution via Google instead of just on these forums.


If we worried about typing errors, we would just close the computer and go to bed.